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About us

Yantai Metastar Special Paper Co., specizlized in Aramid paper's research, decelopment and manufature, the company is ISO9001:2015 and AS9100:2018 certified.
Yantai Metastar has complete supply chain from chemicals, aramid fiber to aramid paper, the supply and quality of aramid fiber are guaranteed. The company has a complete range of aramid products, metastar paper is also included in UL H class (180), N class (200) and High Voltage R class
Metastar paper is used in honeycomb core, transformer, motor, generator, electric and electrical equipment. Quality is the corner stone of Metastar, due its high quality, metastar paper has good reputation in the market and more customers are using Metastar paper to improve their competitive.Yantai
Metastar was built in 2009, now the company is an important aramid paper supplier in global market.