Address: No. 1 Emeishan Road, Yantai Economy Technology Development Zone, Yantai, CHINA    
TEL:0086 535 695 5609
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About us


◎ Corporate Spirit

Friendly, Progressive, Efficient, Devoted


◎ Business Philosophy

Refined Business, Limited Diversification, Scientific Decision, Stable Operation, Sustainable Development


◎ Quality Policy

Seek for Excellence, Create Top Brand


◎Intellectual Property Policy

Intellectual property escorts sustainable development


◎Team Construction

High-quality management team, high-level technical team, high-skill operation team, high-exploitation sales team, high-loyalty distributor team


◎ Corporate Mission

Improve human living environment, protect life health, enhance life quality, safeguard national security


◎ Corporate Vision

To build a century enterprise with proprietary intellectual property rights and relatively-strong influence and competitive power in the world.