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In May 2001, R&D team of the aramid paper was established.

In September 2003, the aramid fibrid was performed pilot test successfully.


In May 2004, the meta-aramid fiber industry project was put into production, with the capacity of 500 tons/year.

In October 2004, the aramid fibrid realized industrialization, with the capacity of 200 tons/year.

In March 2006, the aramid paper of Yantai Spandex Group was performed pilot test successfully, and passed the appraisal of Department of Science & Technology of Shandong Province.

In July 2007, the aramid paper industrialization project of Yantai Spandex Group was put into trial production, with the capacity of 500 tons/year.

In December 2008, the industrialization technology of the aramid paper passed the appraisal of technical achievements organized by Department of Science & Technology of Shandong Province.

In December 2008, the Initiator Agreement of Yantai Meishida Special Paper Co., Ltd. was signed, and the preparatory committee of Yantai Meishida Special Paper Co., Ltd. was established.


On May 15, 2009, the inaugural meeting, the first stockholders’ meeting of Yantai Meishida Special Paper Co., Ltd. was held.

On May 26, 2009, Yantai Meishida Special Paper Co., Ltd. was registered.

In March 2010, the company passed the certification of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System.

In March 2011, the company passed the RTI certification of UL (File No.: E331406).

On July 2, 2011, the meta-aramid paper for aviation-grade honeycomb core passed the appraisal of Aviation Industry Corporation of China Basic Technology Research Institute, marking that the aramid paper for the honeycomb core was approved by the military aviation sector firstly.

In September, the company increased in capital and share, and imported Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. as the strategic investor.

On October 21, 2011, the company was renamed Yantai Metastar Special Paper Co., Ltd.


In November 2012, the company passed the appraisal of the hi-tech enterprise.

In April 2013, “National Aramid Fiber Engineering Research Center” Aramid Paper Application Research Lab was established.

In December 2013, Metastar® meta-aramid paper became only designated material for a new-type helicopter of our military.

In February 2014, “Meta-aramid Paper Base Material Industrialization Technology Development and Application” project was honored with “Shandong Science and Technology Progress Award (First Prize)”.

In April 2014, the company was honored with “Yantai Small and Medium-sized Technology-based Enterprise” by Yantai Science and Technology Bureau.

In October 2014, according to Key Material Updating and Upgrading Engineering Implementation Plan issued by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Industry and Information, the aramid paper was listed into “Urgent Need New Materials for Advanced Rail Transit Industry”.

In November 2014, the aramid industrialization technology was honored with 2014 China Industrial Textiles Top 10 Innovative Product/Technology.

In June 2015, the company was approved as the level-3 confidential qualification unit of “Military Weapons and Equipment Research and Production Unit” by Shandong Weapons and Equipment Research and Production Unit Confidential Qualification Examination and Certification Committee, and listed into “Level-3 Confidential Qualification Directory”.

In August 2015, the corporate stock was listed in National Equities Exchange and Quotations (New Three Board) (stock short name: Metastar; stock code: )