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The team won Roth union granted the "Yantai Development Zone" recognition

The team won Roth union granted the "Yantai Development Zone" recognition

In April 28, 2016, the Federation of trade unions of Yantai economic and Technological Development Zone held in recognition of the general assembly, the meeting issued "on the recognition of the Yantai Development Zone and Yantai Development Zone Labor Medal" pioneer workers "decision": the general manager of the company Wang Dianxin was awarded the "51 Yantai Development Zone, Yantai Labor Medal" China Roth special paper Limited by Share Ltd "Zhang Junhua creative studio" grant "Yantai Development Zone workers vanguard title, company staff Sun Jing, comrade Zhang Junhua was awarded the" Yantai Development Zone outstanding technical innovation workers "title," the company aramid paper finishing roller white solution to the problem of "project" outstanding achievements in technological innovation development zone workers".
This is the support and affirmation of China Roth company and the backbone of the team for many years of technological innovation, the company will take this as an opportunity to further strengthen the scientific and technological innovation and basic innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of products Roth in the market.