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Products list
Aramid crepe paper is used in transformer and other application.
Honey comb meta-aramid paper YT822A and Y822 products have good mechanical properties, higher tensile strength and tear strength, low deformation. Made of light weight honeycomb, higher Strength.
YT511 is calendared meta-aramid paper has low density, excellent impregnating and saturating performance. Thickness is from 0.13mm to 0.58mm. Its typical width are 965mm. YT511 can be used in many fileds such as motor phase insulation.
Semi-calendaring meta-aramid paper YT56, the density of 0.65-0.74g/cc, the performance index between YT510 and YT511, so in some of the mechanical and electrical strength requirements are not very high occasions.
YT564 is calendared meta-aramid insulating paper. It has high mechanical & dielectric strength, good glue affinity and composite capacity. Its thickness is from 0.04 mm to 0.13 mm, typical width are 1m or 2m.  YT564 can be used to make flexible lamination with film.
Three kinds of meta-aramid press board are popularly used in transformers.
YT510 and YT516 are Class H (180), Class N (200) and Class R (220) insulating paper, it has high dielectric strength, mechanical strength, mechanical strength, flexibility and resilience. Thickness is from 0.05 mm to 0.76 mm (2 mil to 30 mil).
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