Safety is the primary goal and basic guarantee for achieving decent work, and in a sense, safety is also the greatest economic benefit of enterprises.

Metastar firmly establishes the scientific concept of "people-oriented, safety first, prevention first", and always pays unremitting attention to safety production. The company has established a safety production management committee responsible for the general manager, improved the safety production rules and regulations, established a sound safety production management system, strictly implemented the main responsibility of safety production, and the safety network covers every corner of the company.

The company's safety management and special operation personnel are all certified to work. The production site is equipped with advanced labor safety and health facilities and complete labor protection supplies, and every production and technical personnel is equipped with aramid labor protection clothing to ensure that personal safety is not damaged.

The company has formulated and strictly implemented 36 special systems such as "safety production management system" and "fire safety management system". In order to deal with emergencies, the company has formulated emergency rescue plans for accidents and regularly organized drills to make them more perfect.

The standardization, institutionalization and procedure of safety work have laid a solid foundation for the company's safe production, and played a role in escorting the normal progress of production and business activities and the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises.