metastar YT592/YT593/YT594 type aramid cardboard

YT592/YT593/YT594 aramid paperboard is a type of low,medium,and high-density aramid paperboard,which is made of 100%aramid fiber and has excellent heat resistance,chemical stability,electrical and mechanical strength,as well as good saturation.It has a certain degree of rigidity and processing adaptability,and has good performance in both air and oil.Typical applications include molded parts such as V-rings,corner rings,as well as external insulation of transformers,gap gaskets,and rolled sleeves.

metastar YT518/YT568 aramid mica paper

The YT518 and YT568 products are calendered aramid paper containing 50%mica particles.It has excellent thermal stability and electrical strength,which can prevent premature failure under harsh working conditions such as partial discharge,extreme high temperature,and electrical stress,including medium and high voltage designs.It can help improve voltage resistance and fire resistance performance.YT518 aramid mica paper can be used alone,and YT568 aramid mica paper can be composited with thin films.

Aramid crepe paper , Aramid crepe paper tubes

Metastar aramid crepe paper includes various sizes and thicknesses, which can be used for wrapping wire or for processing Crepe paper tubes.

Metastar YT836 Para aramid paper

The heat resistance and thermal stability of the Para aramid paper YT836 are better than meta aramid paper, and its mechanical strength is higher. It can be used in certain fields with special requirements, such as the substrate of high-frequency circuit boards, lithium battery separators, etc. The honeycomb made of para aramid paper has better specific strength and specific stiffness.Therefore, it can be used for large rigid and secondary load-bearing structural components of aircraft, trains, ships, etc.

Metastar YT822 Meta aramid paper

Industrial grade honeycomb material is made of meta aramid paper YT822 ,which has high mechanical strength, good heat resistance, good stiffness, and is easy to combine with resin. After being made into honeycomb, it can be widely used in the rail transit fields, such as structural components and interior materials of trains and ships. such as platforms, flat roof panels, wall panels, floors, luggage racks and ceilings.

Metastar YT822A Meta Aramid Paper

The paper of YT822A for aviation grade honeycomb application has excellent mechanical properties,higher tensile strength and tear resistance,and low deformation.The honeycomb made by the paper has a light unit weight(50%lighter than aluminum honeycomb),high specific strength and stiffness(about 9 times that of steel),and can significantly reduce the weight of structural components while ensuring sufficient strength;It has good flame retardancy,does not produce molten droplets,and does not release toxic smoke;It has excellent temperature resistance and can maintain good dimensional stability within the temperature range of-80℃to 200℃,without causing internal tension damage caused by strong thermal expansion and contraction of metal materials,and has strong structural safety guarantee ability;The performance of resistanceɑ、βand X-ray radiation is excellent,During flights and in space environments with strong radiation,its radiation stability is more suitable for making honeycomb materials for aviation and aerospace.The dielectric constant is small,the loss factor is low,and the honeycomb made has high transmittance.It has good adhesion with resin and is conducive to make adjustment during the impregnation process,to produce honeycomb materials with different densities;

Metastar YT511 meta aramid paper

Uncalendered meta aramid paper YT511 has low density, strong impregnation and saturation ability, and good resin curing effect. It is suitable for turn and layer insulation of epoxy casting, and is used in places requiring high thickness and adaptability such as motor phase insulation and transformer coil end insulation. It can also be used as auxiliary insulation such as paper insulation and terminal strip insulation on the side of small transformers, and insulation of outgoing lines of dry-type transformers.

Metastar YT56 Meta aramid paper

The semi-calendered meta aramid paper YT56 has the density of 0.65-0.74g/cc, and its performance indicators are between the two models YT510 and YT511. Therefore, using YT56 aramid paper in situations where mechanical and electrical strength requirements are not very high can effectively reduce costs. YT56 aramid paper is used for interlayer insulation of transformers, Phase insulation of hand wound motors, and electrical insulation and thermal barriers of some electrical equipment and instruments.

Metastar YT564 meta aramid paper

Calendered meta aramid paper YT564 has a slightly lower density compared to YT510 and YT516 types, but also has good mechanical and dielectric strength. It has good surface and can be better compounded with films. It can be compounded with polyester film and polyimide film to produce F grade and H grade soft composite materials YMY and YHY, which can be used for interlayer insulation and slot insulation of various transformers and motors, as well as for main insulation of electrical equipment transformers.

Metastar YT516 meta aramid paper

Calendered meta aramid paper YT516 has high dielectric and mechanical strength, and is used in various motors, transformers, and reactors; The surface is smooth, with good adhesive and printing effects. The most prominent feature is low halogen content, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and widely used in electronic products.

Metastar YT510 meta aramid paper

Calendered aramid paper YT510, with a thickness ranging from 0.05mm-0.76mm, has high dielectric strength, high mechanical strength, strong overload resistance, and can be used for short-term overload operation. It can be used in almost all known situations that require electrical insulation.It has the feature of Non toxic, environmentally friendly and safe, in compliance with ROHS and REACH regulations, can effectively reduce the impact on people and the environment.

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