Metastar aramid paper is a special paper made of pure aramid fiber. It has the characteristics of high strength, low deformation, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, radiation resistance, flame retardant and excellent electrical insulation. It is widely used in aerospace, national defense industry, transportation, energy and power fields.


Due to its good mechanical properties and high temperature insulation properties, Metastar aramid paper can be divided into two categories according to its use: aramid paper for electrical insulation (YT500 series) and aramid paper for honeycomb core materials (YT800 series).


The temperature resistance index of aramid paper for Metastar electrical insulation is 220℃, and the mechanical and electrical products made from it can reach the temperature resistance and insulation level above H (180℃). Since aramid paper does not deform or melt at high temperatures, the ability of mechanical and electrical products to temporarily withstand overheating and overload is improved, and the use of aramid paper as an insulating material can make mechanical and electrical products compact and durable, and its size and weight are greatly reduced.

Electric power


Rail transit

New energy

Electronic communication

Aramid insulation paper is mainly used for: insulation materials for coils and windings in transformers, insulation materials for insulation sleeves, between components, wires and joints; insulation materials for coil windings, grooves, interphase, inter-turns, and line terminals in motors and generators; insulation materials for cables and wires, insulation materials for nuclear power equipment, etc., representative products are dry transformers, locomotive traction motors, mine underground motors, microwave oven transformers, etc.


The aramid paper used for Metastar honeycomb core material is mainly made into aramid paper honeycomb core material structure, which has the characteristics of light weight, impact resistance, high strength, and aging resistance. It is mainly used in aircraft, missiles, satellite broadband wave-permeable materials, and large rigid sub-force structural components (wings, fairings, cabin lining panels, aircraft doors, floors, cargo compartments and partitions).