Metastar YT822A Meta Aramid Paper

The paper of YT822A for aviation grade honeycomb application has excellent mechanical properties,higher tensile strength and tear resistance,and low deformation.The honeycomb made by the paper has a light unit weight(50%lighter than aluminum honeycomb),high specific strength and stiffness(about 9 times that of steel),and can significantly reduce the weight of structural components while ensuring sufficient strength;It has good flame retardancy,does not produce molten droplets,and does not release toxic smoke;It has excellent temperature resistance and can maintain good dimensional stability within the temperature range of-80℃to 200℃,without causing internal tension damage caused by strong thermal expansion and contraction of metal materials,and has strong structural safety guarantee ability;The performance of resistanceɑ、βand X-ray radiation is excellent,During flights and in space environments with strong radiation,its radiation stability is more suitable for making honeycomb materials for aviation and aerospace.The dielectric constant is small,the loss factor is low,and the honeycomb made has high transmittance.It has good adhesion with resin and is conducive to make adjustment during the impregnation process,to produce honeycomb materials with different densities;


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Metastar YT822A Meta Aramid Paper

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