Minshida was awarded a carbon fiber paper invention patent

Recently, the invention technology of Yantai Minshida Special Paper Co., Ltd. “An electric heating high temperature resistant carbon fiber paper and its preparation method” was authorized by the Patent Office of the State Intellectual Property Office (Patent number: ZL201310428212.5).This patent right is very innovative and practical, and will become another important core technology of the company.

  Unlike traditional papermaking technology, the dispersion and forming problems of carbon fiber are very prominent, and it is almost impossible to form paper independently, making the production process more complicated.At present, only a few countries can mature the manufacture of high-performance carbon fiber paper in bulk. The country basically relies on the import of high-performance carbon fiber paper from Toray Company in Japan or SGL Ballard Company in Canada, and the number of imports is strictly limited.

  Carbon fiber paper has excellent electric heating properties.After carbon fiber paper is energized, it has excellent heating properties under appropriate resistance and voltage. Its heating temperature range is usually 30-250℃, and the electric heating conversion efficiency is >97%, which is 15%-30% energy-saving than traditional materials. There is also a performance that other heating materials cannot match. Its far-infrared electricity-thermal radiation conversion rate is >70%, and it also emits 5-20µm far infrared rays, which are far-infrared waves that adapt to human blood circulation and have health functions.Unlike the wave permeability of aramid, carbon fiber has the ability to shield electromagnetic waves.Therefore, carbon fiber paper is a kind of sheet-like heating material with great development value.Depending on the carbon content, it can be used as electromechanical materials, new energy materials, high-efficiency heating materials, electromagnetic wave shielding materials, anti-static packaging materials, and aircraft structural materials.

  After years of hard work, the technical team of Yantai Minshida Special Paper Co., Ltd. has successfully implemented the pilot technology of “electric heating and high temperature resistant carbon fiber paper” manufacturing. Minshida® carbon fiber paper uses Taimeida® Aramid sedimentation fiber as the bonding material. The product itself has the advantages of carbon fiber and Aramid, two high-performance fibers. In addition, there are no other bonding components.The company said that it will make full use of the advantages of existing specialty paper resources, and at the same time, actively integrate various resources in the industry to strive for the project to enter the industrialization stage as soon as possible.