The list of national innovation and entrepreneurship talents announced, Chairman Sun Maojian was selected

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology announced the list of newly selected personnel in the 2015 National Innovation Talent Promotion Plan, and the chairman of the company, Sun Maojian, was selected as a “science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship talent”.
  As the chairman of Yantai Minshida Special Paper Co., Ltd., Mr. Sun Maojian is a pioneer and leader in the research of aramid materials in China. He led the team to creatively develop aramid sedimentation fibers and equipment for the manufacture of aramid paper, and overcome the global core technical problems of preparing aramid paper, forming a complete set of Aramid paper ultra-low concentration wet molding, high temperature hot pressing enhanced industrialization technology and equipment to fill the domestic gap. 
  It is understood that the National Innovation talent Promotion Plan is a high-end scientific and technological talent plan jointly organized and implemented by the Ministry of Science and Technology in conjunction with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Finance and other 8 ministries and commissions. It aims to cultivate and create a group of world-level scientists, high-level scientific and technological leaders and engineers, outstanding innovation teams and entrepreneurial talents, and create a group of innovative talent training demonstration bases through innovative systems and mechanisms, optimizing the policy environment, and strengthening safeguards.The selected candidates will be given priority to be recommended for inclusion in the national “Ten Thousand People Plan”, and will be given key training and support.