metastar YT592/YT593/YT594 type aramid cardboard

YT592/YT593/YT594 aramid paperboard is a type of low,medium,and high-density aramid paperboard,which is made of 100%aramid fiber and has excellent heat resistance,chemical stability,electrical and mechanical strength,as well as good saturation.It has a certain degree of rigidity and processing adaptability,and has good performance in both air and oil.Typical applications include molded parts such as V-rings,corner rings,as well as external insulation of transformers,gap gaskets,and rolled sleeves.

metastar YT518/YT568 aramid mica paper

The YT518 and YT568 products are calendered aramid paper containing 50%mica particles.It has excellent thermal stability and electrical strength,which can prevent premature failure under harsh working conditions such as partial discharge,extreme high temperature,and electrical stress,including medium and high voltage designs.It can help improve voltage resistance and fire resistance performance.YT518 aramid mica paper can be used alone,and YT568 aramid mica paper can be composited with thin films.

Aramid crepe paper , Aramid crepe paper tubes

Metastar aramid crepe paper includes various sizes and thicknesses, which can be used for wrapping wire or for processing Crepe paper tubes.

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